What's the biggest difference between Advisors making 7 or 8 figures with little to no staff who seem to work part-time...

...and those who work 50+ hours a week and make low 6 figures?



If you guessed...

~ They charge twice as much as'd be wrong

~ They work over 80 hours a'd be wrong

~ They lose control by out-sourcing to high fee'd be wrong

~ They have a steady flow of'd still be wrong

Although some of these may contribute... They're only part of the equation.

Unless you've cracked the code for rapidily scaling and the "my business runs on autopilot."  The impact and income you're working tirelessly to scale will at best come at the expense of your cortisol levels, and at worst, erupt into flames as you constantly flirt with an unrelenting sense of burnout.

The real answer is they spend less, make more and utilize the extra free time by in-sourcing their clients' portfolios.

For you if...

You're building your firm, and want to make sure you NAIL IT by using the most powerful, easy-to-follow, "what's working" investment strategies.

For you if...

You don't believe settling for averages, is the way to success for you or your clients.

This is for you if...

For you if...

You get skeptical when others provide advice that worked in the 90s when the rules of the game were different and the world was less noisy.

For you if...

You could use both more time and money to build your business.

U P   F O R  I T

This is NOT for you if...

You believe in mediocrity trying to match the averages, and don't try anything outside your limited expertise

You're at the pinnacle of your game and think you have all the right answers. 

You've bought into the idea that your clients cannot beat the markets over a market cycle.  

As see on

You're at Your Best when Focusing on Your Clients!

We understand the demands you face in both obtaining and maintaining client relationships because we've been in your shoes successfully.  That is why we help you develop portfolios that perform while allowing you to keep complete control and allowing you to focus on new and existing clients.

More Time

Have more time for what really matters to you, clients, prospects and family.  Subscribers free up an average of 72 hours a month.

More Performance

Higher returns, lower standard deviation over each market cycle. Portfolios that actually beat the markets with less risk.

More Profitability

Flat-Fee investing drives down the cost of doing business, thus enhancing your bottom line.  No AUM Fees.

More Control

 Create custom allocations best for your clients and business without being limited by account minimums. 

Yes, I want to start working on my business instead of only working in my business.

It's time to start dominating my competition by focusing on Planning, Performance and Profit.
W  H  A  T    I  S    D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T

Does this sound familiar?

You started your business with a fully loaded Starbucks card and a full tank of "we're gonna make it rain" motivation.  You bought into the "Proven Systems," "12-Step Blueprints" and the "Industry Way" of doing things.     
Invested in premium plans of Morningstar Advisor Workstation, Advisor Products, and MoneyGuide Pro, seeing the extra investment as a "drop in the bucket" compared to what your business is poised to bring in.       
You invested your time and money to set up your website, ADV, marketing, joined networking groups, streamlined your processess, created your list of services to offer, etc. And then you've queued up the "productive morning" routine of business news for breakfast and on the commute to the office.

W  H  A  T    I  S    D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T

Let's be real

"Take back control" headlines your quarterly goals for the 8th straight time, even you the eternal freaking optimist, are starting to doubt it will ever actually happen.  Your #miraclemornings have turned into #middayoverloads.  Your streamlined processes have turned into a put the fire out routine, a nasty reminder of how little momentum you've actually generated.     

Honestly, you don't need or even want a Tim Ferriss-approved four-hour work week.  You want to be able to work on your business, grow your income, and fulfill you company's mission without sacrificing the best years of your life to do it.

We Are Awesome At Our Work


ETF Strategies


STOCK Strategies

INIFINITE   Allocations


Advisor Customizable

Our Subscribers Say

Don't take our word for it, here is what some advisors say about us.

Manny D.

"I never liked outsourcing but investing is not my strength.  Ploutos allows me to bring investing back inhouse and create custom portfolios to fit my clients needs."

John L.

"Thought Ploutos was crazy with a flat-fee concept.  How wrong I was.  $85k in annual savings and my AUM has grown from $40mm to $110mm."

Michael F.

"I went to other managers I used and ask for a flat fee instead of AUM. Those that agreed I kept using, those that laughed were replaced by Ploutos."

Introducing PloutosWealth® Strategies

Flat-Fee Subscription Investing

The first co-investment management relationship designed with the Advisor front and center.  Investment strategies that save you money and time while keeping you in total control.
These investment strategies were built not only for Registered Investment Advisors in growth mode…. But for financial planners, financial advisors and ANYONE who stands to benefit from managing investment assets for clients wanting to best the market, reduce risk and avoid major market downturns.
A few ways PloutosWealth® flat-fee investing strategies accomplishes this...
7 ETF only strategies – each with a tactical overlay to avoid large market declines.  Some can be stand-alone allocations or mixed together with each other or current funds in the clients’ portfolios.

5 STOCK only strategies – each designed with limited quarterly or monthly trading to reduce turnover and deliver out-performance with equal or lower risk than the respective benchmarks.

Instead of being limited to ETF or STOCK only, mix and match and make virtually an unlimited amount of allocations to call your own.  Don’t turn control over to outside managers or take countless hours attempting to manage client investment yourself. 
Set your calendar and receive trade alerts prior to market open on the first trading day of each month for the ETF strategies and each quarter for the STOCK strategies.  There is a mid-month alert for the ETF strategies as well should the market have a major turn so you’re not waiting an entire month to get your clients to safety.

The Golden Guarantee

We're so passionate about partnering with you to build your unbelievably successful business, and to make it super easy for you to say "YES".

Access our strategies and establish your own custom allocations, set up your rebalancer and discuss your new upgraded process with your clients.  (a great way to get referrals) Or start by using our pre-built sample models, follow our alerts, and place the trades.  Give us a call and we will answer any question on a live coaching call, if for some reason you still don't feel like you have the insight, clarity, or powerful action plan to grow your business...

Simply email Susan by clicking "undo here" on the membership page and we'll hit 'undo' on this whole experience and cancel your subscription.  Cancel any time and we will cancel billing on your subscription and still wish you the best in growing your busines..

Hi, I'm Paul Coan, a former wealth manager listed as one of the top .01% in the country, author and founder of Ploutos Communicaiton LLC.

When I left a large Wall Street firm as a Financial Advisor I could only take a whopping $6 million in AUM to my own independent RIA.  Armed with the knowledge that FA's are trained differently than how truly wealthy manage their assets.  By implementing this knowledge with every day investors, I became listed as one of the top wealth managers in the country while scaling my business and a fast pace.  

A decade later, I decided to merge my practice with another RIA to focuse on Ploutos.  Which helps small RIA's and financial planners like you create a practice that truly gives the quality of life you deserve.  This is accomplished by showing you what Wall Street does not want you to know.  How to beat the markets with less risk, save money on fees and allow you to maintain complete control.  All while freeing up time for your to do what yo uget paid to and create relationships.

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